Quality plumbing services

We offer a full range of quality plumbing services in your bathroom.


If you need a shower installed, call us today. If you already have a shower, have you gotten it checked? Do you have a dripping shower? Call us today!

We’ll check that the water flow works as normal and the water heats as expected. We will also fix broken cartridges, blocked trays and dripping shower.

Heating pipes repaired by plumber.

Since your sink is connected to vital pipe work, it’s essential to check this regularly. If water isn’t draining properly, a blockage could be at fault.

We’ll clear this immediately. If your tap heads are leaking or broken, call us for repair. We’ll also deal with cracked basins and entire sink replacements.


If the drains leading away from your sink or shower are clogged, call us now. We will remove these blockages entirely. If you need new drains, call us today.

Our specialist models will reduce the chances of future clogs and blockages. We’ll also assess the pipe work to see whether any repairs or replacements are necessary, as pipes can be affected by high and low temperatures.


We understand the various problems affecting toilets. These include leaks, broken flush mechanisms, and problems inside your cistern. We will fix faulty handles, replace C-links, and repair damage to the toilet bowl if it is leaking.

If you toilet needs refilling, isn’t flushing, or constantly rust and refills, we’ll fix this on our visit.


If you notice water leaking from your tap head or the base, then give us a call for a repair. If you need new tap heads, we’ll provide the best quality replacements available.

We will also address damage caused by corrosion and remove any blockages.


Your problem may not be listed here, but that doesn’t mean we cannot solve it! Contact the plumber Avonmouth today for your dripping shower repair or anything else plumbing! Read some information about plumbing before you call.

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